GBFund (ジービーファンド、G:芸術、B:文化、F:復興/ファンド)は、 2011年3月23日に企業メセナ協議会が立ち上げた芸術・文化による復興支援ファンドです。趣旨に賛同くださった寄付者とともに、今後5年間、被災者・被災地を応援する目的で行われる芸術・文化活動や、被災地の有形無形の文化資源を再生する活動を支援してまいります。

The First Round Grant Recipients

We are pleased to announce that we held the inaugural Selection Committee meeting on 18 April at which the following 11 activities were awarded grants of a total of 2,450,000 yen from the fund.

ENVISI (Miyagi Pref.)
"Life" Exhibition 2011
Birdo Flugas (Miyagi Pref.)
Pop up Birdo! Workshop
Mihakoza Rebirth Project Executive Committee (Fukushima Pref.)
Film Mitsubachi no Haoto to Chikyu no Kaiten (Buzzing Bees and the Revolution of the Earth)
Arts for HOPE (Tokyo)
Workshop Arts for HOP
remo/Organization for Documentation, Expression and Media (Osaka Pref.)
Great Eastern Japan Earthquake Documentation Project
Mito Arts Foundation (Ibaraki Pref.)
Pray for the Recovery of Mito: classic concert by the inhouse orchestra and Mito youth
Shokodo (Miyagi Pref.)
Photo shooting under cherry trees with a concert by Izaura and photo exhibition by Hiroshi Amano
3.11 Picture Book Project Iwate (Iwate Pref.)
3.11 Picture Book Project (Send picture books to affected children!)
Hachinohe City Council (Aomori Pref.)
Hachinohe Review: Quake Restoration Archiving Project
Art Revival Connection TOHOKU(Miyagi Pref.)
Art Revival Connection TOHOKU
Shuichiro Ueda (Tokyo)
Lighting Up with Hope and Pray: Japanese drum project

Grant applications are being accepted for the second round of grants to be released in late May.

With the initial emergency relief phase getting through, there have been increasing calls by affected people for arts-based projects to ease their ordeal and bring them hope. 

We appreciate your continuing support and kind contribution to the fund to enable us to fund more such projects to help encourage affected people and recover local communities.